Hand Thrown Pottery Bowl Candles

Blue Gum Essentials have been hand pouring candles for over nine years on the wonderful South Coast of NSW.. All candles are hand poured in Kiama, using a premium quality natural soy wax derived from biodegradable and sustainable soya beans... Perfume grade Australian made fragrances ensure the delightful aroma will linger for hours ... Tubular wood wicks are used in the reusable pottery and ceramic containers, giving a visual ambience and a wonderful relaxing crackling sound whilst burning..

Hand Thrown Pottery Bowl Candles...These bowls are hand thrown on the South Coast of NSW by a local potter..therefore each bowl is an original and no two shapes or colours will be exactly the same.. these bowls are glazed inside so when the candle has finished just wash the bowl out and it can be used in the oven or as a salad bowl or a bowl to hold Cacti plants.. Bowls measure approx 20cms across and approx 7cms tall and are dishwasher safe..some of these have a matt finish and some have a gloss finish.

These are the designs and fragrances that we have in stock at the moment 

More bowls arriving soon...